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Announcement / Composite Layering

Announcement / Composite Layering

Al- Farabi College for Dentistry and Nursing participated in students’ exchange program with Tufts University, Boston, United States of America among the activities of Skill Development, Continuing Education and Alumni Unit.


This participation came as a response for the Academic Cooperation Agreement with Tufts University which is internationally placed 80th according to Times Ranking University Powered by Thomson Reuters in 2014. The agreement was signed in April, 2014. It includes a number of aspects such as academic cooperation and students’ exchange.

This program is composed of an introductory tour to different division of dentistry department in Tufts University and a detailed explanation of the history of dentistry in Boston. The college is more than one hundred years old. In addition to that, there is a broaden explanation of the latest developments in methods of dental education. The program also includes the presence of a series of lectures and training workshops and daily duties in clinics for two weeks. At the end of this program, participants were given certificates of participation by the host college.

Students were selected according to competitions organized by an application form which includes a number of questions and a personal interview.


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