This practicum is designed to introduce students to the concepts of critical thinking guided by the nursing process to provide mentally ill people with needed nursing care. The course will help students to put what is taught in the class room into practice. Emphasis will be placed on building up a trustful nurse-patient relationship, interviewing, and employing therapeutic communication skills

MENTAL HEALTH NURSING syllabus[1].docxMENTAL HEALTH NURSING syllabus[1].docx

This practicum focuses on the skills and procedures that are pertaining to monitoring and management of critically ill patients. It provides students with the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skills he acquired in providing advanced specialized nursing care to critically ill patients and their families. Critical analysis of patient’s data and responses to nursing interventions are emphasized. The practicum focuses on providing the student with relevant clinical experience in a variety of critical care settings.

critical health nursing practice.docxcritical health nursing practice.docx