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المقالات العلمية للعام 2017

Lists of Publications


Adnan Habib, Mazen Doumani, Hossam Mossa, Ahmad Reda Bashnakli, Ali Nader Fathi Ibrahim. A survey of knowledge about the MTA properties amongest internship students. International Journal of dental research, 5 (2) (2017) 195-198

Adnan Asaad Habib, Mazen Deib Doumani, Tyseer Al saysd, Enass Shamsy, Mohammed Heskul, Saleem Abdulrab, Ahmad Reda Bashnakli and Almothana Ali Alaskar. Dental patients’ knowledge and awareness about root canal treatment in syrian population: survey-based research. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research Vol. 8, Issue, 10, pp. 20583-20586, October, 2017

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Ahmed Mohammed El-Marakby, Fuad Abdo Al-Sabri, Nader Alaizari, Ahmed Ata AbdAlghany. “Effect of Different Dentin Conditions and Different Co-Solvent Ingredients of One Step Self-Etch Adhesives on Shear Bond Strength”. EC Dental Science 11.1 (2017): 40-46.

Ahmed Mohammed El-Marakby, Fuad Abdo Al-Sabri, Shukry Gamal Mohamed and Labib Mohamed Labib. Anti-Cariogenic Effect of Five-Carbon Sugar: Xylitol. J Dent Oral Health.(2017) Volume 3 • Issue 6 • 081.

Ahmed Mohammed El-Marakby, Sara Abdulrahman Alfawaz, Sultan Ali Alanazi and Khalid Tawfik A. Alduaiji “Evaluation of Anti-Cariogenic Properties among Four Types of Glass Ionomer Cements” J Oral Dent Health, 2017 1, 1: 1- 5

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Al-Sabri FA, Elmarakby AM, Hassan AM. Attitude and knowledge of isolation in operative field among undergraduate dental students. European Journal of Dentistry 2017; 11:83-8. DOI: 10.4103/ejd.ejd_191_16

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Fuad Abdo Al-sabri, Ahmed Mohammed El-marakby, Bilal Diab Mourshed. Kiran Shankaraiah Ppalakurthy, Nabil Salah, Nashwan Ahmed Qaed. Efficiency of fissure sealants in dental caries prevention among young school children. a comparative evaluation. International Journal of Medical Dentistry, Volume 7 • Issue 4 October / December 2017.

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