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Al Farabi Hospital / announcement

Al Farabi Hospital / announcement

Al Farabi Hospital

Dental Practicum Department

The following table illustrates critical points you have to consider in the clinic. Not following hospital guidelines or missing one of the following points will be given warning letter and succeeding violations will face penalty accordingly

Infection Control
Personal Protective Equipment properly used
–        Gloves, Gown, facemask(faceshield) should be worn during the procedure and during the cleaning process.
–        Students must not leave the clinic with their gloves on except when returning dirty instruments.
–        PPE is removed and discarded after cleaning and prior to leaving the clinic.
–        No student is allowed to leave the clinic zone with their splash gown on
Waste  Management
–        All items contaminated with blood or saliva such as gauze, gown etc. should be dispose to the yellow trashcan and dry waste like papers and wrappers are to be dispose in the black trashcan.-        Sharp items like anesthesia capsule and anesthesia needles, matrix band, blades, lancets are disposed of in a puncture-resistant sharp container.
Environmental Cleaning Steps
–        Remove contaminated items like barriers, air/water tip, dental bib, saliva ejector, and PPE’s.
–        Environmental surfaces especially those touched with dirty gloves including but not limited to operating light handles, handle control, handpieces holder, air/water hose, suction tube are cleaned and disinfected with hama-spray disinfectant.
–        Avoid cross-contamination during cleaning by starting from least dirty area(body of the chair) to dirtiest area(spittoon sink).
–        Avoiding usage  of same tissue to different areas.
–        Flush the suction tube with water or hama-jet daily solution for bloody suction.
Dental Chair Positioning (Standard Position)
–        Light /lamp and top mount tool tray placed at the center of the dental unit.
–        Dental body 90 degrees upright and slightly above the ground.
–        Dental chair foot control is not under the dental unit.
Instrument Responsibilities
–        Instrument or any items “e:g: light cure, apex-locator…ect” borrowed from the supply area will be accountable to each student. Any lost or damaged items will be charged.
Patient File
–        The information needed in the patient file should be written completely, including all the steps of performed procedure.
–        Return the patient file to the supply area after each session.
–        Don’t take any files outside hospital area.
–        You can’t open or order patient file without their ORIGINAL ID
–        Any miss behavior toward clinical staff is prohibited
Children and visitors are prohibited entering the clinics zone except for the Pedodontic clinics