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Vision and Mission

Active participation in different fields of science to keep pace with the evolution of biotechnology in the world and take advantage of it in the areas of research that serve dental and nursing fields in our beloved country.

Provide knowledge for Dentistry and Nursing students in various areas of basic and applied sciences. This leads to graduate dentists and nurses who have the knowledge and skills needed in practical life. The department also tries to present new ideas through outstanding scientific researches and participation in conferences, scientific symposia and workshops that aim at serving the community in the field of dentistry and nursing.

• Direct tutorial courses to prepare cadres that satisfy the needs of the labor market .  Those will be qualified professionals who are able to take responsibility in the fields of dentistry and nursing.

• Encourage positive interaction between students and members of the department through scientific discussions, problem solving and education widget.

• Stimulate the mutual influence between scientific research and educational programs for students.

• Provide outstanding scientific talents to the community.

• Develop research skills of faculty members.

• Establish a database for faculty members, including their own projects.

• Pay attention to serve members of the community, medical and scientific bodies by participating in different scientific conferences and seminars and through outreach programs.

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