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Vision and Mission


Our vision in the department is to create distinguished leaders in health care and nursing fields. They should be innovative to elevate the level of health awareness among individuals and the community.


To keep up with Al-Farabi college’s philosophy, mission and objectives, the Nursing Department aims at qualifying nurses professionally and intellectually. These nurses should also have good morals and behaviour, and be able to provide safe nursing care with excellence in all fields at the local and international levels. When the mission is set reinforcement of quality teaching through teaching environment and qualified staff are kept in mind.


The Department of Nursing Sciences aims at achieving the college’s main missions and objectives:

  • Adoption of skills and knowledge contained in the speciality of nursing and other disciplines relevant to the preparation of nurses with high efficiency and carrying values ​​of conscience and humanity towards the patients.
  • Enhance research capacity and apply practices based on evidence in the improvement of nursing education and its applications in various fields.
  • Obtain national and international Academic Accreditation.
  • Provide an environment for effective practical training through deposits and advanced equipment for the preparation of professional nurses.
  • Establish mutual interaction between the student and the community through the provision of high-quality health services to the community.
  • Develop awareness and leadership role in dealing with the issues and affairs of the health sector in order to improve health care.

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