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Scientific research unit

Proceeding from Al-Farabi College’s  mission in supporting scientific research, this unit has spread  the culture of scientific research in the college and encouraged faculty members and  students to make effective contributions to this field .It is manifested by  joining scientific conferences and meetings; and  in the scientific researches which have been published in refereed scientific periodicals. This will be the milestone for a scientific research center represented by Al- Farabi College.

Achievements of the scientific research unit through the year 2012/2013:

  • Joining the Saudi E- Library which follows the Ministry of Higher Education. This gives the students and faculty members a chance to go through scientific journals that specialize in Destiny and Nursing.
  • Working to have paper copies from the most important international scientific refereed periodicals that specialize in Dentistry and Nursing which gives a chance for the faculty members and students to keep pace of the scientific developments in medical field.
  • Participating in many scientific conferences and seminars (12 conferences and seminars).
  • Publishing 25 refereed scientific researches (10 researches in 2012 and 15 researches in 2013).
  • Supervising the first scientific day for the nursing students’ researches.

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