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Skill Development, Continuing Educational and Alumni Unit


Al-Farabi College is a pioneer and distinctive edifice in developing the skills of faculty members, lecturers, demonstrators, students and administrative cadres of Al-Farabi College.

– An effective partnership with the graduates.


Developing the skills of Al-Farabi College employees, faculty members, lecturers, demonstrators, students and the administrative cadres which ensures the highest level of progress, distinction and creativity.

Establish communication with the graduates through continuous contact.


Serving society is one of the most important aims for college. Its bestowal is not only limited to graduate or specialist doctors. It also contributes to all the activities that serve society through awareness and preventive programs. So this unit aims at:

  • Providing training courses for the students who apply for health colleges to qualify them for admission test in these colleges.
  • Developing student’s skills in English language and encourage their creativity and thinking skills.
  • Providing specialized training sessions through the Continuing Education Unit for students, and graduates to develop their skills and help them to keep up with the development.
  • Promoting faculty members skills through distinguished specialized sessions.

This unit also takes care of:

  • Building a database which focuses on alumni and communicates with them.
  • Expand the ways to communicate with alumni and organizing regular meetings and social activities so that the graduates know the development in academic and research fields in the college.
  • Inform alumni of the developments in academic and research areas in the college.
  • Consolidate the relationship with the graduates to take advantage of their experiences.

The values:

  • Professionalism
  • Lifelong Learning.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Continuous Development.

Members of the unit:

Dr. Omar Kujan (Head of the Unit)

Dr. Mazen Domany

Dr. Anas  Al-Salhany

Dr. Rawan Al-Hasan

Dr. Eman Hilmy

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