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Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation Unit.

Emerging from the importance of the role played by universities and colleges in contributing to improve the performance and the continuous development of higher education; and building on the ongoing support of the Ministry of Higher Education to improve and develop higher education in Saudi universities, Al-Farabi College has translated this support and dedication into long–term strategy for the improvement and continuous development through the application of academic accreditation standards locally and internationally. It has also applied quality assurance to be one of the private educational pioneers in this field. Building on the previously mentioned facts, the college has a strong belief in establishing a unit for Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation through a decision taken by the Dean of the College to be the nucleus and the engine of an outstanding academic and administrative creation which helps in the competitiveness and progress of the college.

The College’s Total Quality Philosophy.
In the field of TQM, the college adopts a philosophy based on direct all academic, administrative and financial activities towards achieving customers and stakeholders satisfaction with continuous development and improvement of the quality of educational services provided to students to get them to levels that achieve excellence in competition in labour market. This is done through an organizational culture based on the commitment to move towards the beneficiary; continuous improvement and development; and the participation of management and staff to achieve quality and excellence in performance with a system to evaluate all aspects of performance to achieve academic and total quality standards.

Members of the Unit:
Quality, Developmental and Academic Accreditation Unit members are:
Dr. Mohammed Zakaria Nassani – Head of the unit
Dr. Rania Al-Sharbeeny – member
Dr. Shokran Ibrahim – member
Dr. Amal Riyaddh – member
Dr. Dea ‘ Al-Dean Al-Rababah – member
Dr. Hamzih Al-Khozam – member

Quality Policy of the college:
Al-Farabi College is proud to be one of the leading colleges in private medical education in Saudi Arabia, which has been achieved through the strategic and insightful outlook of the college’s top management.

The quality policy at Al-Farabi is concerned with: the extent of achievement of the goals and identification of the educational inputs to improve the quality of the outputs. It also aims at linking the college with the local environment and creating a regulatory environment that encourages creativity and excellence and control over the performance. Moreover, it stands on the achievement of the intended targets within the modern concepts associated with leadership and job satisfaction, and participation in decision-making and continuous improvement.

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