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Department of sterilization

Department of sterilization

Department of Sterilization

Since infection spread within dental clinics is possible, these clinics are equipped with central sterilization unit that is equipped with the best-qualified staff and modern instruments which have the highest quality standards.

This section is administered by a committee from different departments. It is called the Infection Control Committee. It includes members from the hospital administration, Sterilization Department and Microbiology Sciences Department.

Sterilization section consists of three areas:

  1. Washing Area:

It is the first phase of sterilization were the people responsible wash the tools, use disinfectants and then introduce them into a device (Washer), which in turn washes tools again to confirm the results of manual washing using a suitable kind of washing solutions to disinfect tools.


  1. ​​Packaging Area:

A certain type of packing materials is thermally closed to cover the tools. This will prevent the entry of bacteria after sterilization. The date of entry of these tools to sterilization is recorded by colour indications on the cover to ensure the quality of sterilization.


  1. Sterilization and Delivery Area:

The final stage in the sterilization cycle comes after packing tools and assembling them before they are autoclaved (AUTOCLAVE).

This process uses high temperatures to kill all kinds of germs and make ready-to-use tools.

After the end of the sterilization cycle, tools are saved in the store of the sterilization unit according to departments of clinics.

With the growing number of clinics and after future insights on the number of clinics, there is a plan to expand the sterilization unit by adding two washer and two autoclaves. The total number will be four washers and five autoclaves. Any requirements regarding the international standards for equipping sterilization centres will be observed.

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