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List of published scientific research

1.Tarakji B, Nassani MZ. Factors associated with hematoma of the floor of the mouth after placement of dental implants. The Saudi Dental Journal, 2012; 24: 11-15.

2.Tarakji B, Kujan O. Expression of oestrogen, progestrone and androgen receptors in salivary gland tumours. A review of literature. Gulf Journal of Oncology, 2012; 11:50-59.

3.Kharma MY, Tarakji B. Current evidence in diagnosis and treatment of proliferative verrucous leukoplakia. Annals of Saudi Medicine, 2012; 32: 412-414.

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5.Tarakji B, Baroudi K, Kharma Y. The effect of dietary habits on the development of the recurrent aphthous stomatitis. Nigerian Medical Journal, 2012; 53:9-11.

6.Sakka S, Baroudi K, Nassani MZ. Factors associated with early and late failure of dental implants. Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry, 2012; 3:258-261.

7.Daboor S M., Haroon AM. In vitro: antimicrobial potential and phytochemical screening of some Egyptian aquatic plants. Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, 2012; 38: 233-239.

8.Tarakji B, Baroudi K, Hanouneh S, Nassani MZ, Alotaibi AM, Kharma MY, Azzeghaiby SN. Expression of p21 is dependent on or independent to p53 in carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma (undifferentiated and adenocarcinoma types). Polish Journal of Pathology, 2012; 63:286-291.

9.Baroudi K, Kazkaz M, Sakka S, Tarakji B. Morphology of root canals in lower human premolars. Nigerian Medical Journal, 2012; 53:206-209.

10.lenzi FQ, Alanazi FGB, Kujan O, Tarakji B, Tamimi W, Alanazi A, Wyse RKH. Ethical and socio-political status of stem cell research in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Cell Science & Therapy, 2012; 3: 7

11.Sakka S, Hanouneh SI. Investigation of the effect of ibuprofen on the healing of osseointegrated oral implants. Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry, 2013; 4:113-119.

12.Kujan O, Azzeghaiby SN, Tarakji B, Abuderman A, Sakka S. Cryosurgery of the oral and peri-oral region: a literature review of the mechanism, tissue response, and clinical applications. Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry, 2013; 4:71-77.

13.Abdulkarim A, Samran A, Aswad M, Nassani MZ. A new design for posterior inlay-retained fixed partial denture. Journal of Prosthodontic Research, 2013; 57:146-149.

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15.Tarakji B, Baroudi K, Hanonah S, Kharma MY, Nassani Z, Azzeghaiby SN. Extensive review in the detection of the malignant transformation of pleomorphic adenoma. Gulf Journal of Oncology, 2013; 1:67-82.

16.Baroudi K, Rasha SM. Tarakji B. Fluoride release of glass ionomer restorations after bleaching with two different bleaching materials. European Journal of Dentistry, 2013, 7: 196-200.

17.Nassani MZ, Tarakji B, Baroudi K, Sakka S. Reappraisal of the removable partial denture as a treatment option for the shortened dental arch. European Journal of Dentistry, 2013; 7: 251-256.

18.Alenzi FQ, Alanazi FGB, Al-Faim AD, Al-Rabea M W, Tamimi W, Tarakji B, Kujan O, Al-Jabri A, Wyse RKH. The role of eosinophils in asthma, Health, 2013; 5: 339-343.

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21.Mohamed SSS. Predicting pressure ulcer risk: a study of the predictive validity of the Braden scale at different health care settings. Journal of American Science, 2013; 9: 515-523.

22.Ashok N, Warad S, Singh VP, Chaudhari H, Narayanan A, Rodrigues J. Prevalence of archaea in chronic periodontitis patients in an Indian population. Indian Journal of Dental Research, 2013; 24: 289-293.

23.Sakka S, Idrees M, Alissa R, Kujan O. Ailing and failing oral implants: Initial therapy and surgical management. Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry, 2013(in press).

24.Javed F, AlGhamdi AST, Ahmed A, Mikami T, Ahmed H B, Tenenbaum HCT. Clinical efficacy of antibiotics in the treatment of peri-implantitis. International Dental Journal, 2013 (in press).

25.Kujan O, Al Kheraif AA, Azzeghaiby SN, Alenzi FQ, Idrees M. Assessing oral cancer knowledge among Saudi medical undergraduates. Journal of Cancer Education, 2013 (in press).

26.Javed F, AlGhamdi AST, Mikami T, Ahmed HB , Samaranayake LP and Tenenbaum HCT. Effect of glycemic control on self –perceived oral health, periodontal parameters and alveolar bone loss among patients with prediabetes. Journal of Periodontology, 2013(in press).

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