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The Required Documents

1.  Commitment to acceptance terms according to the Ministry of Higher Education rules and regulations related to the admission of new students in medical colleges and the students who are willing to transfer from different other colleges and universities.

2.  Applicants must pass admission tests that AlFarabi College places and these should be as follows:

a. An English Placement Test (Written and Oral);
b. A practical test for those who want to join AlFarabi College of Dentistry (Carving and Morphology);
c. Interview with a academic panel that is selected by the college.

3.  Secondary School certificate that shouldn’t exceed five years.

4.  Applicant should be physically fit (presenting a medical report from accredited or governmental hospital is a must).

5.  Showing a good behavior is a must.

6.  A proof that shows that applicant is not dismissed or fired from the previous college (for misconduct) should be brought to AlFarabi College.

7.  Applicant should complete any other procedures determined by the Council of Trustees upon admission into AlFarabi College.

8.  Payment of required fees.

9.  Selection standards are according to the scores of the General Certificate for Secondary Education (GSCSE), GRE and Admission tests.