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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to establish a creative and attractive research and learning environment in order to build a knowledge-based society.


To contribute to the preparation of qualified people in the medical and nursing fields who can compete locally and regionally in a creative academic environment. This in turn, encourages scientific research and learning within a context of transparency and commitment to the preservation of the Saudi society moral values.


Our core values are: ethics, teamwork, professionalism, credibility, lifelong learning experience and accountability.


  • Commitment to quality standards applied in higher education institutions in order to achieve the standards of academic accreditation.
  • Pair between education and application in different college programs to create an intellectual and practical distinguished graduate. In addition to develop a leadership spirit and confidence among college graduates.
  • Contribute to community service and outreach programs.
  • Open channels of communication with local and international higher education institutions and research centers in order to participate in building human knowledge.
  • Adopt an added scientific value and fruitful applied research in the researches done by the teaching staff and students as well.

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