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Dean Word

Dean Word

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the most


By Allah’s grace, and after earning the confidence of the college top managements, I have the honor to be the Dean of the Dentistry and Nursing College. Moreover, to be part of this edifice which not only began to remain and continue, but also to be in advance positions and to lead those colleges which preceded it in the same field.

It became crystal clear that all future plans applied are created by those who run the college and by me (as a new member in the administrative and academic board). These plans made all employees: medical, administrative staff and students feel proud of this affiliation.

I would like to remind you all that teaching profession in medical fields is a very valuable and blessed career for the faithful only. I also assure you that we are going to work diligently with all available means provided by the college top managements. This will be done without any hesitation to boost the level of this college and its staff.

In this speech, I would like to welcome all my colleagues, medical and administrative staff and all employees, and thank them for all efforts exerted since the establishment of this college. I also urge them to make all possible efforts and creation to achieve college’s goals.

Dear colleagues: I will be there for everyone. As you have major roles to play, I understand all your needs and thoughts without uttering them. I will help all to overcome difficulties, embrace purposeful ideas, make a suitable environment which seeks ambition and look for a thoughtful competition. All praise, appreciation and support in all forms for the hard and sincere worker, and who ever believes that he has a secured  post is surely mistaken as life itself is changeable and nothing is everlasting.

Dear Colleagues: Al-Farabi College is like a boat that has only one destination represented in providing distinguished medical staff and doctors to serve our society properly, and we will not allow anybody to let this boat go astray.

Dear students, I assure you are the most important objective. The laggard will be given a chance after another, and will be directed properly until he becomes a model example to others.

You should also know that the diligent student will not be alone. We will not let him down because he is considered as the forefront of the college by his effort and his tenderness. The college has put a policy for all to follow: those who work hard and have knowledge will never be equal to those who lack it.

I will be your friend, and I will not allow any barriers to keep you away from me. I will direct you to where you are most likely to find me; I might be in lecture halls, sterilization units, dental laboratories, administrative offices, laboratories and even in parking lots. I will understand all your problems and solve them.

Dear student, at exam halls nothing can replace you neither your I Pad nor anything else. You should help us to give you a hand i.e. by your diligence, perseverance and study. I hate injustice, and detest nepotism which changes reality.

I might be very optimistic by wishing all students to be of the same level of excellence, diligence and precision in everything. I might be more optimistic if I think that none of you will lag behind his classmates in his education. I will be optimistic and I will never lose hope. I will tell you something: the sky doesn’t rain gold or silver; and high grades do not come by chance or by random selection of multiple choices.Dear students… we think and care about your post-graduation life even before you consider registering in our college, so please help your college with your good discipline and through abiding Islamic values and constants. You should be the best example to your competitors, and the best ambassador for your country which fosters you by supporting the educational movement. You are its main component under His Majesty, King Abdullah, a king who filled our hearts with love, and our tongues will never stop praying for Allah to give him success.

“O Allah bless our nation and our king”.

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