Faculty Members

No. Name Scientific Degree Academic Rank
1 Tamer Mohamed Shawky Ph.D., Anatomy Assistant Professor
2 Abdul-Aziz Gaid Ali Ph.D., Microbiology Assistant Professor
3 Yahya Hassan Al-Malik Ph.D., Pharmacology Assistant Professor
4 Jaber Abdul -Sabor Ph.D., Pharmacology Assistant Professor
5 Mohamed Bahar Ph.D., Pharmacology Assistant Professor
6 Assayed Yaseen Ph.D., Pharmacology Assistant Professor
7 Ghayath Mohammed Abbas Hussain Ph.D., of Bioethics Assistant Professor
8 Ahmed Abdel – Rahman El – Mursi Ph.D., Histology Assistant Professor
9 Mohamed Samir Rustum Ph.D, Pathology Assistant Professor
10 Taha Sadek Ahmed Ph.D, Physiology Associate Professor
11 Iman Mahmoud Saqr Ph.D,  Biochemistry Assistant Professor
12 Iman Abdel Halim Ph.D., Clinical Pathology Assistant Professor
13 Safaa Massoud Ph.D. Anatomy Assistant Professor
14 Amal Abdel Hafeth Ahmed Ph.D.,  Pathology Assistant Professor
15 Asma Jabin Ph.D.,  Physiology Assistant Professor
16 Mohamed Rauf Master of Clinical Pathology Lecturer
17 Mohamed Al-Baqer Master- Microbiology Lecturer
18 Hisham Aziz Master of Clinical Pathology Lecturer
19 Malath Faky Master – Clinical Pathology Lecturer
20 Reem Mohammed Buqatfa Master- Microbiology Lecturer
21 Asmaa Mohammed Ali Muhlish Master- Pharmacology Lecturer
22 Reham Ahmed Al-Fawaal Master- Clinical Pathology Lecturer
23 Eman Annaqeeb Master- Microbiology Lecturer
24 Duha seeja Master of Biochemistry Lecturer
25 Faraheen Sayed Masoud Master- Microbiology Lecturer
26 Lama Al-Gabra Higher Diploma- Nutrition Lecturer
27 Yousef Awaad Shudeifat Bachelor Instructor
28 Shaymaa Mohammed Bachelor Instructor
29  Heba Ahmed Bachelor Instructor


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