Vision and Mission

Mission – Vision – Strategic Objectives

Mission: The Department of Clinical Sciences aims to serve the community by applying high standards in educating students, graduating highly skilled physicians, as well as researchers and health care providers committed to developing the health of the individual and society.

Vision: Become a distinguished department through leadership in education, research and patient care. It will also be responsible for educating and training highly skilled physicians and health care professionals committed to excellence, creativity and evidence-based application within a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Core Values:

– Excellence and Teamwork: We strive hard to excel in all our efforts and highly appreciate teamwork, and relationships that promote this excellence.

– Diversity and perfection: are established values ​​that enrich learning and clinical application.

– Integration: We highly appreciate honesty and integrity in our graduate.

– Creativity: We are constantly working on creative ways to improve education and patient care to serve our different communities.

– Accountability: We work to create a culture of responsibility that is in line with our goals and expectations and link the reward and gratitude to the other for better performance.


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