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About The Unit

 The Unit of Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation was formed by the decision of His Excellency the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine on 1/2/2016. Since then, the Unit has endeavored to work towards achieving and raising quality in all aspects of the educational institution.

The academic year 2015-2016 has been marked by several achievements of the unit. The quality team has been established and has started its work by organizing the work of the unit and its files and developing a mechanism to complete the files according to the approved national standards. The team’s top priority was working on updating the Faculty’s strategic plan. To this end, several workshops and opinion polls were held for faculty members and students alike to measure their satisfaction with the different facets of the Faculty and to identify development priorities.

The Quality Unit took care of preparing reports on students’ questionnaires in all courses for 2015/2016 and preparing feedback reports for faculty members.

The Unit then culminated its work in the preparation of the first annual report of the Faculty of Medicine, reviewing and revising course reports and making use of them in the preparation of the first annual program report.

All of this coincided with the preparation of leaflets and mural designs and bulletins at the college level – in both languages ​​- to spread the culture of quality in the college community.

The team of the unit, holding this responsibility, is asking Allah’s help in bringing the concept of quality and development into reality to add value to the concept of higher education.


 – An academic community distinguished by the fulfilling national and international quality standards and capable of continuous development.


The Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation Unit works to meet the quality standards in the preparation and implementation of the academic program at Al-Farabi Faculty of Medicine, and to verify the effective contribution in the continuous upgrading of the educational process, student activities and community services through the development of strategic and executive plans in accordance with international and national standards.

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