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College in few words

The Faculty of Medicine in Al- Farabi Colleges was established with the approval of the Minister of Higher Education No. 65019, dated 18/08/1430 H. The first batch was accepted in the academic year 1435-1436 H.
The Faculty of Medicine Grants Bachelor of General Medicine and Surgery, and the duration of study is six years and an Internship year.
As for the study system, the Faculty adopts the level- system. In this, the academic year is divided into two main semesters in the pre-clinical stage. As for the clinical stage, the academic year is dividing into three main semesters. It is possible to have a summer semester on condition that it is counted as a half of a main semester. Graduation requirements to get the scientific degree are divided into levels according to the study plan approved by the Board of Trustees.
The study plan for Medicine is designed to be studied in duration of 14 levels where a student goes to the next level when he successfully passes courses in the approved study plan.
With regard to the admission system, the number of students who can be finally accepted by the Board of Trustees each semester depends on a proposal made by the Faculty Council and other relevant authorities. Admission should be consistent with the absorptive capacity of the faculty and its programs according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education.
Admission Requirements: The student must have the General Certificate of Secondary Education
( Scientific Stream) or what is equivalent within the kingdom or abroad; the validity of the Secondary School Certificate or what is equivalent is five years from graduation date; Success in aptitude and achievement tests is a main requirement for those who apply in the kingdom. The student should obtain a written certificate of Good Morals and Conduct from the workplace or his educational institution. The student should pass a personal interview or any admission exams set by the college

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  1. Assallammualaikum wbth,

    My name is Professor Dr Syed Mohamed Aljunid from Faculty of Medicine UKM (National university of Malaysia). I will be visiting Riyadh on an official mission to visit a few universities in Riyadh to explore collaborations between UKM and Universities in KSA. I will be in Riyadh from 19th to 22nd of April 2014.

    I would liketo visit your private collage during my visit. Please let me know if this is possible.

    Thank you.

    Prof Dr Syed Mohamed Aljunid

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