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Dean’s Word

Untitled-1“Messages from the Dean”

Praise be upon Allah and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah.

The path of excellence, workmanship, and breakthrough is a long road filled with challenges, but the length of this road and its challenges are not acceptable excuses that prevent us from walking and reaching the end of it. In this regard, I am pleased to send short messages to those interested in Alfarabi Private College of Medicine.

My message to my knowledge seeking sons and daughters,
You- after Allah- are the reason for the existence of the college, and the reason for its success, or failure, God forbid. We, the administration of the college, promise you that we will strive to improve education; however in return, we expect from you a diligence in the strides of learning, for the path of success is a long marathon that needs patience and long endurance. You are the most important member of the work team in the college. Our confidence in you is great, and you certainly meet the expectations.

My message to the parents of our beloved students,
You are also an important member of the team. We hope that you will contribute to providing the right atmosphere for our future generations to strive and excel.
We are happy that you are following up and helping our students into the real world until they reach what they aspire to.

My message to my academic and administrative colleagues in the college,
Our vision in colleges is for our graduates to be disciplined and virtuous. “Disciplined” in their knowledge and skills. “Virtuous” in their behavior and professionalism. We will work together to achieve this vision, God willing.

My message to society,
Alfarabi Private Colleges have went through some challenges in the past .However, previous challenges will only increase our determination to overcome the upcoming obstacles in our way .The colleges in Riyadh are currently under the supervision of the prestigious King Saud University. Work needs time and continuous support. Thankfully, we have never been deprived of these, not by our judicious government, not by the Ministry of Education, not by King Saud University, and most definitely not by the administration of the colleges.

May Allah guide everyone to what he loves and pleases.

Prof. Khalid Al-Malki
Dean of Alfarabi Private College of Medicine

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