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Terms of Admission

Terms of Admission:

  1. Commitment to the general terms required by the Ministry of Higher Education regarding admitting students in medical field , and those who are transferred from other colleges and universities .
  2. The student should pass the following admission exam set by the college :

a)English language placement test (Written and oral).

  1. Validity of the Secondary School Certificate is five years from graduation date.
  2. The student should be physically fit. (Medical check-up report by approved clinic or hospital)
  3. The student should obtain a written approval from the workplace.
  4. The student should have good morals and conduct certificate.
  5. The student shouldn’t have any disciplinary exclusion from other universities or colleges.
  6. The student should fulfill any other conditions specified by the Board of Trustees and announced the time of admission.
  7. The student should have a payment receipt of the required fees.


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