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Admission Procedures

  1. The College admits students at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Admission for the first semester starts just after the announcement of the results of the General Secondary School Certificate Exams .It closes at a certain time determined by the college.
  3. The student fills the registration form and deposits the registration fees (SR 5000) in the college’s account.
  4. New applicants set for: An English Language Placement Test and an interview.
  5. Differentiation between applicants will be according the grades they achieved.
  6. The result of the exams set by the college will be announced after one week from exam date.
  7. A student is given a week after the announcement of the results of acceptance to complete the registration procedures and only falls right in acceptance.
  8. A student who has studied courses in colleges inside or outside the Kingdom can apply for an equation of these courses. He should bring his academic record and a detailed course description of the courses studied.

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