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Basic Medical Sciences Department

Vision and Mission


Providing students with thescientific bases of clinical medical practice. As a result students will acquire the basic values ​​and main skills necessary for distinguished physicians who are active in their society.



The Department of Basic Medical Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine in AL-Farabi College aims to contribute to qualifying students in the pre-clinical stage to enable them to understand and practice the basics of diagnosis and medical treatment in the clinical and training stages. This is best done by introducing them to the basics of health care and treatment within a comprehensive framework that utilizes laboratory and clinical skills to qualify them for safe and effective practice in higher education and after graduation.



– Provide distinct basic scientific programs

– Create a high quality interactive learning environment

– Qualify general practitioner who is highly efficient and capable of continuous self-learning and aware of the health needs of the community.

– Prepare physicians who enjoy basic skills for effective communication and have the ability to make the right decision in the field of medicine. They should also abide by the ethics of the medical profession.




– Respect, appreciation and loyalty.

– Commitment to the ethics of the medical profession.

– Work as a team.

– Transparency and justice

– Accountability.

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